Why people prefer living the city

Public transportation is convenient and, cheap, therefore people prefer it to travel in big cities on the other hand, in small towns, there are no more options to travel from one place to another you should have your own vehicle in small cities. Why some homeless choose the streets over shelters hypothermia kills an estimated 700 people experiencing, or at-risk of homelessness each year, according to the national coalition for the. I prefer to live in a city because i think that life in a city is always more exciting and more comfortable than life in a country or in a small town first of all, in cities there is usually something to do or somewhere to go.

Beside the advantages there must be some disadvantages like: the city has a dirty air and polluted environment, so people can get sick easily, i think they're a part of reasons that there are many hospital in the city. Living in a small town can create a lack of privacy, as neighbors often know what is going on each other's lives in the city, there is more anonymity in cities people live in apartments, lofts and townhouses that are built with privacy in mind. These days, many people in the philippines look forward to experience city life those coming from the provinces mostly choose condominiums since they are more accessible to the city people who work in urban areas prefer condos than house & lots due to accessibility and location. Single people will prefer the city since other single people prefer the city why live in dc rather than fairfax the black cat and the 9:30 club are in dc people like you go there no doubt there's nightlife in the suburbs, but it doesn't have the cachet, and the people who go there aren't people like you (they are, rather, people whose.

Yes i prefer town life people those who are living in town are not happy and those who are living in city are happy because in the city life more facilities are available than town life that's why i prefer town life city life is nice than the town life all are happy in city life report post like reply 0 0 no of thefts. Living in the city means that walking is often an option and if it's not, commuting by public transport makes you feel like you're part of the world: you and others are on the same boat, so to. As a young person myself, the reason why i'd prefer a big city is for pretty much all the reasons you listed for me, jobs and diversity are really major factors as to what city i eventually choose to move to.

“many americans, of all races, prefer to live among people who are similar to them for african-americans, such a choice often means living in lower-income areas, given the racial disparity. Living in a small town and living in a large city both present benefits of their location however, i personally like to live in a small town more. Like the city but prefer country living because people are more humble and simple city country voteforpedro @voteforpedro (301) • united states 2 oct 07 as long as my llama is happy, i don't care whether we're in the city or in the country however, i have found that i have less problems with people complaining about my llama when i. Many people prefer to live in a city while others say that living in a rural area has more advantages compare the advantages and disadvantages of living in the city to living in the countryside give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience. I prefer city living - i live in an older suburb i'm close to the city but it doesn't feel like a true suburb, it feels like a neighborhood in the outskirts of a city love the country life though, but couldn't do it day in and day out.

I've lived in towns of 1550 people all the way up to 26,000 people and in the end, i've always preferred the smaller, somewhat rural towns why the cost of living is usually considerablly lower, with the quality of life being signifigantly more. Like it or not, its a fact life in urban areas is about to radically change due to developments most people are not aware of people living in the city are facing dangers. Many people prefer to live in a city rather than in a town or in the countryside what do you think are the advantages of living in a city update cancel when living in a city you got access to transit, health care, and many grocery stores and services just blocks away from you you can get pretty much anything you need in a city depending. Some people do not like to live in cities, but by and large people do prefer living in cities here is a chart from a 2014 un report on urbanization that shows the trends in urban and rural populations since 1950. For now, however, young people prefer cities according to the nielsen company, 62% of millennials prefer to live in mixed-use communities found in urban centers, closer to shops, restaurants, and.

The number of people living alone has skyrocketed what is driving the phenomenon, asks eric klinenberg and solo dwellers colm tóibín, alex zane, carmen calli and others reflect on life as a. In town vs country, it turns out that cities are the safest places to live a generation of movies have made us think that the american city is an inherently dangerous place. Living in a big city is an amazing experience they are centers of civilization, each with unique and interesting features of course, certain benefits of city life are universal to all.

  • In the past, i have made many references to my preference for living in a small town over living in an urban area for me, there’s no question – the advantages of small town rural life far outweigh the advantages of city living.
  • People living in rural areas of britain are more optimistic about the future and happier about their quality of life than people in cities and towns, a new survey has found.

Rate for people living within 25 miles from a central business district is 117%4 the average poverty rate for people living zero to ten miles from the cbd is 145%, while for people living 10 to 25 miles from the cbd, the average poverty rate is 83. Living in the countryside has some advantages, such as clean environment and lack of traffic problems however, i personally prefer to live in a big city the reasons why i hold this stance will be elaborated in the paragraphs below. With lower millennial homeownership rates and a preference for city living, boomers could face problems downsizing and that’s no small number—50 percent of boomers say they want a smaller home when their kids leave the nest.

why people prefer living the city If you're looking to relocate, consider the advantages of living in a big city a big city offers opportunities not found in rural areas if you're looking to relocate, consider the advantages of living in a big city  meeting people is an effortless task in a big city.
Why people prefer living the city
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